Genre: Drama/Crime


Run Time: 88 min

Director: Tyler Graham Pavey

Writer: Orson Ossman, Tyler Graham Pavey

Talent: Amir Malaklou, Courtney Bandeko, Corey Rieger

Release: DTV

Synopsis: Michael is a Bay Area CEO whose philanthropic company is subject to a hostile takeover by Rex Lifestyle. To save his business, he agrees to move down to Hollywood to head Cache, a status symbol app with a million dollar price tag and no functionality. To attract a high class clientele, he is forced to live a lavish life and fabricate a past of opulence and lineage instead of his true humble adopted origins. But when he falls for the daughter of Rex’s founder, he’ll have to choose between revealing his past and losing everything he’s worked to build, or watching the love of his life walk away forever.