Genre: Faith/Family


Run Time: 90 min

Director: Antonio James

Writer: Deborah Capstone

Talent: Torrei Hart, Lester Speight, Ella Joyce, John York

Release: DTV

Synopsis: Margaret, a submissive stay-at-home mom, with her family reeling from the tragic death of her eldest son Lincoln, struggles to keep her family together. Margaret’s husband, Marcus, distraught from the demise of his “favorite” son, emotionally and verbally abuses the family. Margaret, powerless, overlooks Marcus resenting their younger 17-year-old son, Levi, for “not being” and/or living up to Lincoln.  Marcus’ only solitude is revenge on his next door neighbor Steve, who is struggling with substance abuse and is the man responsible for Lincoln’s death three years ago that bred the hatred between the two families and within each home. Although 3 years have passed without a single word between either family, both Levi and Brianna seek refuge and happiness in a common but separate device, MUSIC!  With Marcus gone, Levi mending, Steve in rehab, Brianna surviving alone, Margaret assertively takes the steps to repairing the three years of hell in the hope for forgiveness, peace, and…RESOLUTION.